So are you all ready for the big news that Habitat has on this lovely Tuesday afternoon?

We've waited patiently for a very long time to announce these words: Habitat has its new liquor license! (Cue confetti cannons) Yes our dear friends, it's true. Habitat has been granted an event driven liquor primary license.

After numerous city council meetings, re-zoning of the building, an abundance of consultations with the liquor board and the undying support of the community, we are now able to focus on what Habitat is all about: providing Kelowna with a unique community space focused on arts and culture.

So along with the new license comes a few new changes as well. Our hours of operation have been extended from 12:00am to 1:00am and the capacity has increased from 133 to 225 occupants. The main change is that Habitat is now a 19+ establishment - we fought for a minors endorsement but unfortunately liquor and all ages crowds aren't an easy fight to win in any establishment in BC. We will be reviewing this decision again next year as a safe all ages space is very important to the cultural fabric of Kelowna.

We want to take a minute to once again thank everyone who played a part in Habitat's re-licensing. Without the overwhelming amount of support from the City of Kelowna along with the community we would not be where we are today - THANK YOU!

Be sure to come down to one of our next events and celebrate with us!