For over 10 years, Habitat has been synonymous with Kelowna’s entertainment and nightlife. Since opening its doors in 2004, the award-winning venue has hosted indie music legends, cultural events, and community celebrations.

The venue site is a historic landmark, having been the first liquor store in the city, but was boarded up for over a decade before being purchased in 2003 by Quinn Best. The vision was to build a unique venue for both local and touring artists to showcase their music and bring like-minded individuals together to celebrate and shift the cultural focus of the Okanagan.

The Habitat quickly became the place to be for Kelowna movers and shakers. Known to have the best sound and dance floor in the City, all of the local bands and Indie tours were are held there.

The Habitat continues to attract award winning live performance artists from all over the world, and continues to service regional and local artists by showcasing a wide diversity of genres and styles.

The Habitat is a 300+ person venue situated in the heart of downtown Kelowna. The venue is host to 150 events per year, entertaining over 30,000 guests annually. The room is unique with an ever-changing décor, artwork, and production installations including velour drape, huge paintings, and digital projections. The vibe of the room is inviting and positive, which has elevated the Habitat as the premier music venue.

The success of Habitat relies on the combination of live music shows, featured touring acts, and hosting third-party events by local promoters and private groups. As Habitat enters the next decade, it looks to locals and travelers, artists and guests to continue to inspire and drive the growth of our market and our commitment to the future of The Habitat.